06/12/08 Vector Linux 5.9 SOHO is Released!

The Vector Linux team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest and greatest SOHO Edition to our CD store. This is a wonderful chance to support Vector and get a rock solid, full featured ultra fast Desktop System. Our careful customization of KDE gives this release the traditional speed of Vector Linux and a very unique look and feel. An extraordinary set of tools is provided out of the box, and the Multimedia Bonus Disc with SOHO extras is included. Read More.

06/09/08 Artwork Contest Extended (Free Prizes!)

Vector Linux Solutions has extended the wallpaper contest with a free prize for the winner. This contest is designed to promote Vector Linux and the Multimedia Bonus Disc (The free prize) and generate some very nice wallpapers for Vector Linux users. All Vector Linux users are encouraged to participate and submissions from non-VL users are welcome. You might win a free prize! Read More.


Vector Linux Solutions:

Welcome to Vector Linux Solutions! We are dedicated to providing the most innovative and quality products to provide homes and businesses with cutting-edge Linux technologies in a fast, easy, and secure format. Our products are developed around Vector Linux, the fastest, most stable and user friendly operating system in existence. We ensure the quality service you deserve.


Multimedia Bonus Disc:

Built on the speed and stability of Vector Linux, the Multimedia Bonus Disc is designed to provide both professionals and amateurs the power and flexibility to expand their creative horizons.


Bundled with an extensive printed manual, this competitivly priced package provides not only a huge amount of software, but instructions that explain how to use it.



Our aim is to assemble suites of applications geared towards creative persons. Suites, including the best open-source applications available are included to provide the perfect Linux audio platform.



Graphics design and modeling applications such as Gimp and Blender are included. Hugin, a panoramic program and Inkscape are also included for graphic artists.



Kino, Cinepaint and LiVes are included for video creation. We hope to provide a creative environment to people as well as give a spotlight to some amazing open-source applications.

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